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September 30, 2013:
Face Eating. Think about that before you go dosing yourself on anything claiming to be a bath salt or MDPV. If this was the result of a designer drug, the attacker got off easy. As Seen on Dateline NBC.


Illegal in US:

Mephedrone and most of its analogues are illegal in the US, but enterprising cooks are creating new formulas to blow your mind.

MDPV Drug Sold As Bath Salts, Plant Food

Dangers and Side Effects of MDPV

The MDPV drug has gotten a lot of media exposure lately due to its appearance related to emergency room visits and calls to poison control centers. There are also reports of people injuring themselves while high on MDPV because they are seeing things that aren't there, or become incredibly paranoid about people and things in their own environment. Other effects of MDPV can include heart issues and high blood pressure because MDPV is a stimulant, which is sold as synthetic cocaine or methamphatime. Therefore, people should be cautioned about the MDPV drug since it is so new that not all side effects have been explored, and doctors may not know how to diagnose or treat MDPV overdoses when they happen.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: MDPV drug information is currently very sparse, and relies on anecdotal evidence in some cases, so therefore it is difficult to separate facts from hype. In any case, don't be the first one of your friends to try it out.